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A technician in a work environment using a Fluke portable handheld oscilloscope multimeter

Discover the ultimate solution in advanced diagnostic tools with our ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscopes. Designed for versatility, these handheld oscilloscopes are ideal for professionals seeking a portable oscilloscope that thrives in harsh, hazardous, and dirty industrial settings.

Our top-rated handheld oscilloscopes merge the detailed analysis capabilities of a bench oscilloscope with the practicality of a multimeter. This makes them perfect for a range of applications, from installation and commissioning to maintenance of industrial and electronic equipment in the field. Whether you are looking for the best handheld oscilloscope or a multimeter oscilloscope, our ScopeMeter® series stands out as a reliable choice.

With a focus on efficiency, each digital oscilloscope in our collection boasts the innovative Connect-and-View™ mode. This feature ensures automatic and continuous oscilloscope setup, simplifying the user experience, especially with dealing with complex signals. Our multimeter with oscilloscope functionality further enhances their utility, making them an indispensable tools for professionals.

Explore our ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscopes--the ideal scope meter for every demanding environment.

ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscopes solutions

These tools are high performance, hand-held oscilloscopes designed for troubleshooting and motor-drive analysis.

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Fluke MDA-550 Series III Motor Drive Analyzer